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Have your Magickal Mustika Pearl/Bezoar Stone tumbled/polished at no extra cost!!!
Some like 'em natural, others want them smooth to the touch--just let us know what you want--however, do note that tumbling/polishing mustika pearls and bezoar stones can change their appearances.


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The Dragon Stone

Location: Mount Kinabalu, Bornea, Asia


There was a dragon living at the top of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo. He owned a huge pearl. When the Chinese Emperor heard about the pearl he sent some of his men to go and get it. The dragon killed most of them, but a few returned to China. The Emperor decided that his two sons Wee Ping and Wee San should fetch the pearl.

Wee San came up with a plan to steal the pearl. When the dragon went to find food he flew up to its lair on a large kite and replaced the pearl with an imitation. When the dragon returned it realized that its pearl had been taken and swam after the Chinese ships. Wee San ordered his men to heat up a cannon ball and fire it at the dragon. The dragon swallowed the cannon ball, thinking it was its pearl, and died.

When they arrived back in China, Wee Ping lied about the pearl saying it was him that took it. He wanted to keep the pearl for himself. Wee San did not want trouble with his brother, so left China. He eventually became ruler of Brunei in Borneo and was happy. However, by lying, Wee Ping only brought himself sadness.


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