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The emails that we receive as related to the magickal pearls.

Hi Master Luxamore-- please this should be posted as a testimony thanks.

Greetings sir,

--would like to thank you once again for the Dragon ball or pearl. Please to be honest with you anything your wrote about the Dragon ball or pearl in your articles did not do justice in anyway to the Dragon stone--my God what a power. Foes this is some thing that any metaphesician,occult practitioner and even new agers should do without it.Here is a power packed stone that knows every thing about what one wishes to know.Is now understood why little is written about the Mustika Pearl,the knowledge,wisdom, power and wonders it demonstrate is simply beyond understanding. With the stone every questions without answers are answered,please this is not a joke. It's usage is so simple that a child can use it.most of the time the mustika bezoar site is just visited for sight seeing sake,and any time visited alot goes through my mind, under rating it saying what is this and smile and pass it by until a testimony of some one who has owned one words draw me closer. In the guy's testimony he could not help but write almost every day with the time he comes across all the numerous magick or miracles if you want with date and time each event takes place. In my mind to the response to the guy's testimony, oh what a talkative, but now if care is not taking the talkative baton will be transfer to me some day soon. Friends try the mustika pearls is really amazing and wonderful ,please just try one you who reads this testimony you can not help but talking all day.Would post more up dates as they come up. The pearl purchase by me was a Super sky Dragon ball so great-------just try one and see sheeeeeeeeeee.

B.A..N of Ghana.

Greetings Luxamore,

I have been meaning to let you know that I got both items back. I found Magick297 where I misplaced it at home.

The Centipeade Pearl come back on it's own. I had lost it around my child's school. I did go back to the school several times to look for it on the school lawns.

However, after I asked you for a replacement it manifested to me in a circular bright reddish light that looked like a much bigger version of the pearl. This made me to go back to the school again a few times to see if I could find it.

Then one day, as I worked in my home office, one minute it was not there and the other minute it was sitting on the carpet between my legs. You can imagine my joy.



Greetings Luxamore,

i have a testimony to admit i have been sick for the past 10 years with liver problems my last enzymologie test i just take on the 2/7/2007 ,show that every thing is back to normal and my liver is working perfect again my doctor could not believe his eyes when he see my result ,he wanted to know what i am using and how is that possible, for they have told me i will never get better. i don't know which of the magic spell have cured me or if it is the magical pearl????? that you send to me.

M of St. Martin

Greetings Luxamore,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the pearl. It is beautiful, amazing and crackling with power. You instructions are thoroughly detailed, easy to understand and quite helpful. The package arrived in less time than many of the items that I purchase within the borders of my own country. As always, you have delivered over and above my expectations.

You are obviously far more developed as a magician than myself. Because of that, much of this is new to me. I have been a practicing magician for about ten years within this life cycle but items like these don't exactly grow on trees here. I still have a great deal to learn regarding this sacred art and science. You, through Indotalisman, have been a great help towards realizing more of my potential and I want you to know that I am grateful. You have made more of a difference than you know, or maybe you do.

The only reason that I do not steer people towards your business is that I do not want people to look at your website and then begin speculating about my sanity or what they may perceive as a lack of it. I don't know what its like in Java, but here I could easily end up in a mental institution if I was completely open about this. Sometimes I still wrestle with my "logical" mind regarding all this but the effects are simply undeniable. The Universal Power is certainly channeled through these items.

Take care,


Also, there is something that I wish to share with you. It is a story, and I believe that it may be related to the sky dragon pearl. If you like, you may post it on your site.

About a week after I sent you the initial deposit on the pearl, I was sitting on the trunk of my car smoking a cigarette. I mentally intended to connect with the pearl, to feel it. I simply opened my left hand, looked at it and imagined that the pearl was sitting in the palm of my hand. I felt a little rush of energy (which could have been anything).

But then, a very large flying insect flew right by my head on the left side of my body. I turned around to see that it had landed on my car. I took a closer look at it and was surprised to see that it was the largest fly that I have ever seen in my life. In fact, it was so large that it was shocking. This fly was nearly 1&1/2 inches long! I don't know how big flies get in Java, but they definitely do not get that big here. Now here is the interesting part: this fly actually had a presence about it, an awesome presence that gave me goosebumps.

It was completely black, even it's compound eyes. Its wings were black, semi transparent with veins. There were small areas of charcoal gray trim, but no other colors anywhere but the eyes (more about the eyes later). It was so large that at first I simply couldn't believe it was an actual fly. It moved just enough that I could see that it's movements were unmistakably those of a fly, including the way flies clean their mouth-tube with their front legs in their classic fast rubbing motion.

It allowed me to get very close to it, to study it. My presence did not seem to make the fly uneasy at all. The most unusual part about its appearance was its eyes. Do you remember how I said they were black compound eyes? Well they were, but there was also something else remarkable about them. Each eye had an almond shaped gray spot that was exactly the same shape as a human eye, with a smaller green shape inside of the Grey spot. THEY LOOKED JUST LIKE THE EYES OF A PERSON! They really did. He (or she) looked just like they were looking directly at me.

The entire impression that I had was that I was looking at some completely different class of the creature, like the difference between a common house cat vs. a white lion with blue eyes. I have never before had the sense of looking at royalty in nature. He didn't even look dirty or hairy. Every hair was even and orderly looking. He was magnificent looking, staring at me with those beautiful eyes of his. As I said earlier, he gave me chills. I could not shake the impression that this was more than a fly. I could barely believe this experience myself, so I knew nobody else was going to believe it either. I imagined that everyone would think that it wasn't really a fly or whatever. that is why I had someone else look at it while it was still there. At first, he couldn't believe it was a fly either because of it's relative massive size. Once he got close to it and it moved as only a fly moves, he knew it was definitely a fly. I have looked on the internet and I can't find any flies that look like this.

I think that it is very interesting that the moment that I first intend to connect with the sky dragon pearl, this majestic creature appears. Oh yes, I almost forgot something. He seemed to have a horn, almost like a rhinoceros, but located a little lower on his head.

P.T. of the USA


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